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The late banking titan’s onetime New York City residence hit the market in July with a price tag of $57.5 million.

Tech Entrepreneur Buys David Rockefeller’s Former Manhattan Townhouse for $47 Million

  • A tech entrepreneur has purchased David Rockefeller’s former Manhattan townhouse for $47 million.
  • The luxurious New York City residence was initially listed for $57.5 million in July.

Important Points

Tech Entrepreneur Pays $47 Million for David Rockefeller’s Former Manhattan Townhouse

A tech entrepreneur has acquired the former Manhattan townhouse of the late banking titan David Rockefeller for a sum of $47 million. This luxurious New York City residence was originally listed for sale in July with an asking price of $57.5 million.

Luxury Residence with a Prestigious History

David Rockefeller’s former Manhattan townhouse is a luxurious property with a prestigious history, making it a highly sought-after residence for affluent buyers. The tech entrepreneur’s acquisition of the townhouse not only secures a prime piece of New York City real estate but also a connection to the city’s illustrious past.


As a real estate expert, I understand the allure of luxury properties with a rich history, such as David Rockefeller’s former Manhattan townhouse. The purchase of this iconic residence by a tech entrepreneur highlights the continued demand for high-end properties in prestigious locations like New York City.

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