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A Curated N.Y.C. Showpiece Relists With a Newly Reduced $24 Million Price Tag

Key Points:

  • Designed by Japanese architect Toshiko Mori
  • Upper East Side home doubles as a gallery space
  • Newly reduced price tag of $24 million
  • Originally listed for $28 million

Important Points:

  • Five-story townhouse with a rooftop terrace
  • Features a glass-enclosed elevator
  • Includes a chef’s kitchen and a wine cellar
  • Located in the prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood

Hot Take on the Toshiko Mori-Designed Townhouse

This stunning Upper East Side townhouse, designed by renowned Japanese architect Toshiko Mori, is back on the market with a newly reduced price tag of $24 million. Originally listed for $28 million, this showpiece home is not only a luxurious living space but also doubles as a gallery space for art enthusiasts.

Featuring a five-story layout with a rooftop terrace, a glass-enclosed elevator, a chef’s kitchen, and a wine cellar, this townhouse is the epitome of luxury living in the prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood. If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind home for sale, this might be the perfect opportunity to invest in a unique piece of real estate.

Insights from Jessica Fulk

As an expert in real estate, Jessica Fulk offers valuable insights on this unique property. She suggests potential buyers consider the following questions:

1. How important is it for you to have a home that doubles as a gallery space?

2. Are you willing to invest in a property with a higher price tag for its unique design and features?

3. How much value do you place on living in a prestigious neighborhood like the Upper East Side?

By considering these questions, potential buyers can better determine if this Toshiko Mori-designed townhouse is the right fit for their needs and preferences. For more information on this property or other homes for sale, don’t hesitate to contact Jessica Fulk for expert guidance and advice.

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