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Meet some of Hawai‘i’s remarkable wāhine in business.

Summary of Celebrating Professional Women 2023

  • Hawaii Business Magazine features remarkable wāhine (women) in business in their 2023 edition.
  • The article showcases the achievements and contributions of these professional women in various industries.
  • These women serve as role models and inspiration for others in the community.

Quotes from Jessica Fulk

On the Importance of Celebrating Professional Women

“Recognizing the accomplishments of these incredible wāhine in business is essential for empowering future generations. It’s important to ask ourselves, ‘How can we continue to support and uplift women in the real estate industry and beyond?'”

On the Connection Between Real Estate and Women in Business

“Real estate is an industry where women can truly excel and make a difference. As a Realtor, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that women can have on the market and in helping families find their dream homes. What questions can we ask to better understand the role of women in real estate and homes for sale?”

On Engaging with the Article

“I encourage everyone to read this article and learn about the amazing women featured. Let’s start a conversation about the importance of women in business and how we can continue to support their growth and success.”

Hot Take

The Celebrating Professional Women 2023 article in Hawaii Business Magazine is a testament to the incredible achievements and contributions of women in various industries, including real estate. As we celebrate these remarkable wāhine, it’s crucial to engage in conversations about the role of women in business and how we can continue to support their growth and success. By asking questions and learning from the experiences of these professionals, we can empower future generations and create a more inclusive and diverse business landscape.

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