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As Missouri lawmakers prepare for the 2024 legislative session, they should consider how many of their major 2023 accomplishments received limited public attention.


Phill Brooks: The Legacy of Missouri’s 2023 Legislative Session

Missouri’s 2023 Legislative Session: A Legacy of Underreported Accomplishments

Key Points from Phill Brooks’ Article

  • Missouri lawmakers should reflect on the 2023 session’s accomplishments as they prepare for the 2024 session.
  • Many major accomplishments from the 2023 session received limited public attention.

Quotes from Jessica Fulk, Real Estate Expert

On the Impact of the Legislative Session on Real Estate

“As a Realtor, it’s important to stay informed about legislative changes that can affect the real estate market. The 2023 session had some significant accomplishments that may have gone under the radar, but they could still impact homes for sale and the overall market.”

Questions to Consider

“What were the major accomplishments of the 2023 legislative session that received limited attention? How might these accomplishments affect the real estate market and homes for sale in Missouri? As we look ahead to the 2024 session, what can we learn from the 2023 session to ensure that important legislative changes are properly communicated to the public?”

As Missouri lawmakers gear up for the 2024 legislative session, it’s crucial to reflect on the accomplishments of the 2023 session that may have gone unnoticed. These underreported achievements could have significant implications for various sectors, including real estate and homes for sale. By examining the legacy of the 2023 session, lawmakers can learn valuable lessons on how to better communicate their accomplishments and engage the public in the legislative process. As Jessica Fulk, a real estate expert, suggests, staying informed about these legislative changes is essential for professionals in the industry and the general public alike.

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