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The seller, the founder of Easy Ice, decided to install the simulator in his Scottsdale home during the pandemic.


Arizona Home with $100,000 Flight Simulator on the Market for $4.495 Million

Key Points

  • Scottsdale home features a $100,000 flight simulator installed during the pandemic
  • Founder of Easy Ice is the seller of the property
  • Home is listed for $4.495 million

Real Estate Expert Jessica Fulk Weighs In

Why a Flight Simulator?

As the pandemic forced people to stay home, the founder of Easy Ice decided to install a $100,000 flight simulator in his Scottsdale home. This unique feature adds a touch of luxury and entertainment to the property. Jessica Fulk, a real estate expert, says, “A flight simulator is an interesting addition to a home, and it could be a selling point for potential buyers who are looking for something unique in their next home.”

Impact on Home Value

With the home listed for $4.495 million, one might wonder how the flight simulator impacts the property’s value. Jessica Fulk explains, “While it’s difficult to determine the exact impact of the flight simulator on the home’s value, it certainly adds a unique feature that could attract potential buyers. It’s important for sellers to consider the interests of their target market when adding features to their homes.”

Is This a Trend in Luxury Homes?

As people continue to spend more time at home, it’s possible that unique features like flight simulators could become more popular in luxury homes. Jessica Fulk says, “We may see more luxury homes incorporating unique features like this in the future, as homeowners look for ways to make their properties stand out in a competitive market.”

Hot Take

As the real estate market continues to evolve, it’s fascinating to see how homeowners are adapting and finding new ways to make their properties stand out. The inclusion of a $100,000 flight simulator in this Scottsdale home is a prime example of how luxury homes are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. While it remains to be seen if this trend will continue, it’s clear that homeowners and realtors alike need to stay creative and innovative in order to stay ahead in this competitive market.

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