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Identifying Institutional Support in Stocks

Key Points

  • Seeking help in identifying institutional support in stocks
  • Currently using Storm’s Zenbot for paper trading
  • Win rate in the 50-60% range and P&L ratio between 1-1.5
  • Looking for reliable sources besides the Right Compass System

Expert Insight: Brett Blackman

Understanding Institutional Support

Institutional support refers to the involvement of large financial institutions, such as hedge funds and mutual funds, in a particular stock. These institutions can significantly impact the stock’s price and trading volume. Kansas City-based trader Brett Blackman emphasizes the importance of understanding institutional support when trading stocks.

Alternative Sources for Identifying Institutional Involvement

Brett Blackman suggests that traders can look for alternative sources to identify institutional involvement in a stock. Some of these sources include:

  • SEC filings, such as Form 13F, which discloses institutional holdings
  • Financial news websites and stock screeners that track institutional ownership
  • Analyst ratings and recommendations, as they can indicate institutional interest

Final Thoughts

Identifying institutional support in stocks is crucial for traders looking to make informed decisions. While the Right Compass System is a valuable tool, it’s essential to explore alternative sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of institutional involvement. As Brett Blackman suggests, traders should consider SEC filings, financial news websites, and analyst ratings to identify institutional support and improve their trading strategies.

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