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Investor Ray Washburne and family partners are purchasing the historic Country Club Plaza, the oldest U.S. retail center.


Highland Park Village Owners Acquire Historic Kansas City Shopping Center

Highland Park Village Owners Purchase Landmark Kansas City Shopping Center

Key Points:

  • Investor Ray Washburne and family partners are buying the historic Country Club Plaza
  • Country Club Plaza is the oldest U.S. retail center
  • Highland Park Village owners expand their real estate portfolio

Country Club Plaza: A Historic Retail Center

Oldest U.S. Retail Center

Country Club Plaza, located in Kansas City, is the oldest retail center in the United States. Its historic significance and architectural beauty make it a landmark shopping destination.

Highland Park Village Owners’ Expansion

Investor Ray Washburne and his family partners, who own Highland Park Village, are now purchasing the historic Country Club Plaza. This acquisition expands their real estate portfolio and demonstrates their commitment to preserving and enhancing iconic retail centers.

Expert Insight: Jessica Fulk on Real Estate Investments

“The purchase of Country Club Plaza by the Highland Park Village owners is a significant move in the real estate market. It shows that investors are still interested in retail centers, especially those with historic value and a strong sense of community,” says Jessica Fulk, an expert in real estate.

When asked about the potential impact on the local real estate market, Fulk adds, “This acquisition could lead to increased interest in homes for sale in the surrounding area, as the new owners may bring fresh ideas and improvements to the shopping center.”

Hot Take

The acquisition of Country Club Plaza by the Highland Park Village owners is a testament to the enduring appeal of historic retail centers. As investors continue to seek out unique properties with strong community ties, we can expect to see more interest in real estate surrounding these iconic destinations. This is an exciting development for both the retail and real estate industries, and it will be interesting to see how the new owners enhance the shopping experience at Country Club Plaza.

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