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An 1860 Victorian in Dorset, a 1912 Craftsman house in Kansas City and a renovated 1890 home in Columbus.


Exploring $640,000 Homes in Vermont, Missouri, and Ohio

Diverse Real Estate Options Across Three States

  • An 1860 Victorian in Dorset, Vermont

  • A 1912 Craftsman House in Kansas City, Missouri

  • A Renovated 1890 Home in Columbus, Ohio

Expert Insights from Realtor Jessica Fulk

  • What to consider when comparing these homes

  • How location impacts the value of these properties

  • Why these homes are worth the $640,000 price tag

In this article, we explore three unique homes for sale, each priced at $640,000, located in Vermont, Missouri, and Ohio. These properties showcase the diversity of real estate options available across the United States, from a charming Victorian in Dorset to a renovated 1890 home in Columbus.

Realtor Jessica Fulk offers her expert insights on what potential buyers should consider when comparing these homes. She emphasizes the importance of location and how it impacts the value of these properties. “When looking at homes for sale, it’s crucial to consider not only the features of the house itself but also the surrounding area and community,” says Fulk.

As for why these homes are worth the $640,000 price tag, Fulk explains that each property offers unique characteristics and charm that make them stand out in the market. “These homes showcase a blend of history, craftsmanship, and modern amenities, making them an excellent investment for the right buyer,” she adds.

Overall, this article serves as an engaging piece for those interested in real estate and homes for sale, encouraging readers to think about the diverse options available in different locations and the factors that contribute to a property’s value. With expert insights from Jessica Fulk, readers can gain a better understanding of what to look for when searching for their dream home.

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