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The Augusta Commission feels the need to train the public on how to say ‘no’ to panhandlers. A training course? Really?


Augusta Commission’s Plan to Train Public on Dealing with Panhandlers

Key Points

  • Augusta Commission proposes a training course for the public on how to say ‘no’ to panhandlers
  • Concerns raised about the necessity and effectiveness of such a course
  • Expert opinions on alternative solutions to address the issue


Proposed Training Course

The Augusta Commission has recently proposed a training course aimed at teaching the public how to say ‘no’ to panhandlers. This idea has raised eyebrows and sparked debate on whether such a course is necessary or effective in addressing the issue of panhandling.

Concerns and Criticisms

Many people have questioned the need for a training course on this topic, as common sense should dictate how to handle such situations. Additionally, there are concerns about the effectiveness of the course in actually reducing panhandling and whether it would be a good use of resources.

Expert Opinions

Real estate expert Jessica Fulk suggests that people may want to ask, “Is a training course the best solution to this issue? Are there alternative methods that could be more effective in addressing panhandling?” She encourages the public to think critically about the proposed solution and consider other options that may be more beneficial in the long run.

In conclusion, the Augusta Commission’s proposal to train the public on how to say ‘no’ to panhandlers has been met with skepticism and concerns about its necessity and effectiveness. As real estate expert Jessica Fulk points out, it is important for the public to ask questions and consider alternative solutions to address the issue of panhandling. Ultimately, a more comprehensive approach that tackles the root causes of panhandling may prove to be more effective than a simple training course.

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