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September Trading Summary and October Goals

Key Points from September Trades

  • Win Rate: 76%
  • Profit Factor: 14.68
  • Improved patience and trade management
  • Still room for improvement in letting winners run and identifying support/resistance levels

October Goals

  • Let winners run
  • Develop a rhythm for entering trades throughout the day
  • Become more proactive during the day
  • Size up and practice dynamic sizing

Expert Insights from Brett Blackman

“September was a good month for many traders, especially those who exercised patience and focused on trade management. As we move into October, it’s important to continue refining our strategies and learning from our experiences,” says Brett Blackman, a Kansas City-based trader.

Blackman also emphasizes the importance of letting winners run and developing a rhythm for entering trades throughout the day. “It’s crucial to find a balance between being proactive and not forcing trades. This will ultimately lead to more consistent profits and a better overall trading experience.”

Looking Ahead

As traders size up and practice dynamic sizing in October, it’s essential to remain focused on the goals and strategies that have led to success thus far. By continuing to learn and adapt, traders can make the most of the opportunities presented by the ever-changing market conditions.

With the right mindset and a commitment to improvement, traders can look forward to a successful October and beyond. As Brett Blackman says, “Seeing my growth over the last two months has me excited to continue to read, review, practice, and study.”

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