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The property at 11 Robbins Road also comes with six bedrooms, five fireplaces, and three offices.


Luxury Home of the Week: A Lexington Mansion with 100-plus Windows

Luxury Home of the Week: A Lexington Mansion with 100-plus Windows

Property Overview

  • Located at 11 Robbins Road, Lexington
  • Six bedrooms, five fireplaces, and three offices
  • 100-plus windows for ample natural light

Key Features

  • Spacious living areas and modern design
  • Expansive outdoor space for entertaining
  • Convenient location near Boston

Spacious Living Areas and Modern Design

The Lexington mansion boasts six bedrooms, providing plenty of space for family and guests. With five fireplaces throughout the home, residents can enjoy cozy evenings in various rooms. The property also features three offices, perfect for those who work from home or need a quiet space for personal projects.

Expansive Outdoor Space for Entertaining

With over 100 windows, this luxury home offers an abundance of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The outdoor space is perfect for hosting gatherings, with ample room for guests to mingle and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Convenient Location Near Boston

Located in Lexington, this mansion is just a short drive from Boston, offering the best of both worlds – a peaceful retreat with easy access to the city’s amenities and attractions.

As a real estate expert, Jessica Fulk shares her thoughts on what potential buyers should consider when looking at luxury homes like this one. “When searching for a luxury home, it’s important to consider not only the features of the property but also the location and lifestyle it offers. This Lexington mansion provides a perfect balance of elegance, comfort, and convenience.”

In conclusion, this Lexington mansion is a stunning example of luxury real estate, offering a unique combination of spacious living areas, modern design, and a convenient location. With its numerous windows, fireplaces, and offices, this property is perfect for those seeking a comfortable and elegant home near Boston. As Jessica Fulk suggests, potential buyers should consider the lifestyle and location offered by this luxury home when making their decision.

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