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USE THE ARROWS ABOVE OR NEXT BUTTON BELOW TO SEE MORE PICTURES Glasdrumman, Glencar, Co. Leitrim – €760,000 This four-bed, six-bathroom mansion in Leitrim extends to 376 m² and must be …


Stunning Irish Mansion for Sale: A Luxurious Property with Two Incredible Extras

Stunning Irish Mansion on Sale for €760,000 with Two Incredible Extras

Glasdrumman, Glencar, Co. Leitrim: A Luxurious Property

  • Four bedrooms and six bathrooms
  • Spacious 376 m² living area
  • Beautifully designed interiors
  • Surrounded by picturesque landscapes

Two Incredible Extras: Elevate Your Living Experience

  • Private cinema room for entertainment
  • Indoor swimming pool for relaxation and fitness

Expert Insights from Realtor Jessica Fulk

“This stunning Irish mansion is a rare find in the real estate market. With its luxurious amenities and beautiful surroundings, it’s an ideal property for those looking for a unique and upscale living experience,” says Jessica Fulk, an expert in real estate.

When asked about the two incredible extras, Jessica Fulk adds, “The private cinema room and indoor swimming pool truly set this property apart from others in the market. These features not only provide entertainment and relaxation but also add significant value to the property.”

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