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Miami Beach’s former mayor Philip Levine has cashed in on a Wynwood complex known as the Whale & Star building.  An entity managed by Levine sold three warehouses for $24 million. Combined, the buildings at 2215 Northwest First Place total 27,400, according to a press release. The deal breaks down to $623 dollars per square […]


Former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine Sells Wynwood Complex for $24 Million

Philip Levine Sells Wynwood Complex for $24 Million

Whale & Star Building Sold by Former Miami Beach Mayor

Key Points:

  • Philip Levine, former mayor of Miami Beach, sells Wynwood complex for $24 million
  • Whale & Star building consists of three warehouses totaling 27,400 square feet
  • Deal breaks down to $623 per square foot
  • Buyer remains undisclosed

Real Estate Expert Jessica Fulk Weighs In

Questions to Consider:

  • What does this sale mean for the Wynwood real estate market?
  • How does this deal compare to other recent real estate transactions in the area?
  • What could the undisclosed buyer have planned for the Whale & Star building?

In a recent real estate deal, former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine sold the Whale & Star building, a Wynwood complex, for a whopping $24 million. The complex consists of three warehouses, totaling 27,400 square feet, and the deal breaks down to $623 per square foot. The buyer of the property remains undisclosed.

Real estate expert Jessica Fulk shares her thoughts on the deal and encourages readers to consider the implications of this sale for the Wynwood real estate market. “This sale is a significant transaction in the Wynwood area, and it’s interesting to see how it compares to other recent deals in the neighborhood,” says Fulk. “It’s also worth considering what the undisclosed buyer has planned for the Whale & Star building and how it might impact the local real estate market.”

As a realtor with a focus on homes for sale and real estate in general, Jessica Fulk is well-versed in the intricacies of the market. Her insights provide valuable context for those interested in the Wynwood area and its real estate landscape. This sale serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the real estate market and the importance of staying informed on the latest trends and transactions.

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