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American Century Investments has made two buildings available for sale to new investor or developer owners through CBRE’s Kansas City office.


American Century Investments Offers Office Building and Development Site for Sale

Key Points:

  • American Century Investments has put two buildings up for sale through CBRE’s Kansas City office.
  • The properties include an office building and an adjacent development site along the streetcar extension.
  • New investor or developer owners are being sought for these properties.

Details on the Properties:

Office Building:

The office building being offered for sale is a prime piece of real estate, located along the streetcar extension. This location offers excellent connectivity and accessibility for businesses and employees alike.

Adjacent Development Site:

The adjacent development site provides an opportunity for a developer to create a new project that complements the existing office building. This could include residential, commercial, or mixed-use development, depending on the vision of the new owner.

Quotes from Jessica Fulk:

“This is an exciting opportunity for a realtor or developer to acquire prime real estate in a growing area. With the streetcar extension, these properties are poised for success.”

“Potential buyers should consider the possibilities for the adjacent development site. What type of project would best serve the community and complement the existing office building?”

“As a real estate professional, I encourage anyone interested in these properties to reach out to CBRE’s Kansas City office for more information on this unique opportunity.”

In conclusion, American Century Investments’ decision to offer an office building and adjacent development site for sale presents a unique opportunity for realtors and developers. The properties’ location along the streetcar extension makes them highly desirable, and the potential for growth and development in the area is significant. This is an excellent chance for a new investor or developer owner to make their mark on the Kansas City real estate landscape.

American Century Investments Offers Office Building and Development Site for Sale

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