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Maybe with Newark’s new terminal, it will climb the rankings next year.


Newark Airport Ranks Last in Customer Satisfaction – Will the New Terminal Help?

Newark Airport Ranks Last in Customer Satisfaction – Will the New Terminal Help?

Key Points:

  • Newark Airport comes in last for customer satisfaction
  • New terminal in progress may help improve rankings next year
  • Travelers express frustration with current airport conditions


Newark Airport’s Low Ranking

Newark Airport has been ranked last in customer satisfaction among all major airports in the United States. This disappointing result has left many travelers frustrated with the airport’s current conditions and services.

New Terminal in Progress

However, there is hope for improvement as Newark Airport is currently constructing a new terminal. This new terminal is expected to provide better facilities and services, which may help the airport climb the rankings in customer satisfaction next year.

Travelers’ Frustration

Many travelers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Newark Airport, citing issues such as long wait times, poor customer service, and outdated facilities. The low ranking in customer satisfaction has only added to their frustration.

In closing, Newark Airport’s last-place ranking in customer satisfaction is a cause for concern, but the new terminal in progress may offer a chance for improvement. As travelers continue to express their frustration with the current airport conditions, it is crucial for the airport to address these issues and work towards providing a better experience for its customers.

As Jessica Fulk, a frequent traveler and realtor, puts it, “Newark Airport’s low ranking is definitely disappointing, but I’m hopeful that the new terminal will bring about positive changes. It’s important for airports to prioritize customer satisfaction, as it can greatly impact a traveler’s overall experience.”

So, what do you think? Will the new terminal at Newark Airport help improve its customer satisfaction ranking? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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