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The city of Arkansas City says funding is available through the Community Development Block Grant program. The grant program helps communities make improvements to address blight and improve neighb…


Ark City Homeowners Can Get Money to Spruce Up Their Homes

Ark City Homeowners: Funding Available for Home Improvements

Community Development Block Grant Program

  • Funding available for Arkansas City homeowners
  • Grant program aims to address blight and improve neighborhoods
  • Homeowners can apply for funds to make necessary improvements

Benefits for Realtors and Real Estate Market

  • Improved homes increase property values
  • More attractive neighborhoods draw potential buyers
  • Higher demand for homes for sale in the area

Quotes from Jessica Fulk

“This grant program is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners in Ark City to make necessary improvements to their properties. Not only will this help individual homeowners, but it will also benefit the entire community by addressing blight and improving the overall appearance of neighborhoods.”

Realtors and those in the real estate market should take note of this program, as it has the potential to increase property values and make the area more attractive to potential buyers. This could lead to a higher demand for homes for sale in Arkansas City.”

Engagement and Questions

As a homeowner in Arkansas City, are you considering applying for this grant program? What improvements would you like to make to your property? How do you think this program will impact the local real estate market and homes for sale in the area?

Share your thoughts and experiences with the Community Development Block Grant program, and let’s get the conversation started!

Orginal article: Link To Article – provided by Kansas City Realtors